Past Exhibitions

"Meraki", Asish Kumar Das, Sculptures Show  12th- 28th April 2019
"Pageants of The Raj", The Workforce, Devangana Kumar Solo Show   16- 25th March 2019
"Unframed"Adam Shapiro Solo Show   23rd Feb - 04th March 2019
"Abstract with Hidden Figuratives", Sen Shombit Solo Show   16th Jan - 10th Feb 2019
Season Sales By Time and Space   15th Dec 2018 - 31st Jan 2019
Bhavna Kothari Solo Show   26th Oct- 9th Nov 2018
"Life, Love & Encapsulated Memories", Andrew Paul Solo Show   31th Aug - 9th Sep 2018
A Retrospective, JMS Mani Solo Show   7th - 20th Jully 2018
White Matter, Eder Sanchez Solo Show   7th - 17th March 2018
"An Ode to Life", M. Senathipathi Solo Show   16th Feb - 3rd March 2018
SCA, Society of Contemporary Artist, Kolkata   21st Jan - 9th Feb 2018
Season Sales 2017   30th Dec 2017 - 14th Jan 2018
Surya Prakash Solo Show   22nd Oct - 15th Nov 2017
Shibu Arrakal Solo Show   3rd - 24th Sept 2017
Prasanna Kumar Solo Show   9th - 20th June 2017
Healing Nature, Group Show     7th - 30th Sep 2016
Nandagopal Solo Show   29th Jully - 10th Aug 2016
V. Hariraam Solo Show   8th - 16th June 2016
The New Collection, Group Show   9th - 23th April 2016
Sculpture Show at Ritz Carlton Hotel   30th April - 20th May 2015
I Tech Show @ Hotel JW Marriot, Bangalore   28th - 30th January 2015
Solo Show By HAKU SHAH   03rd - 21st January 2015
The Apple and The Lotus by Paresh Hazra   12th - 30th December 2014
Bhoomi Geetha - By Concerned for Working Children foundation ( supported by Gallery Time and Space )   18th & 19th October 2013
Contemporary Small Format Exhibition by Cholamandal Artist's Village   14th September - 5th October 2013
Sojourn - A Solo Show by Sirajit Chanda   26th July - 3rd August 2013
The Madras Movement   2nd - 17th February 2013
December Sale   2nd - 17th February 2013
Akbar Padamsee - A Pioneer Of Modern Indian Painting Water Colour and Lithographs   9th - 15th November 2012
An Exhibition of Recent Paintings by Vrindavan Solanki   10th - 25th October 2012
A Solo show By Yuriko Lochan   14th - 22nd September 2012
Art Bengaluru   10th - 26th August 2012
A Solo Show by Suparna Mondal   2nd - 9th August 2012
Charitable Group in collaboration with Deboshree Roy Foundation   19th July 2012
Bhagwan Chavan   7th March 2012
Moutushi Chakraborty    29th February 2012
Prasanna Kumar.K.M   10th January to 14th January 2012
Dhiraj 75   10th December to 18th December 2011
Line & Lyam : A V Ilango   3rd November to 7th November 2011
Amitabh Sengupta and Khurshid Alam Saleem   16th October to 24th October 2011
Shuvaprasanna - Recent and Retrospective at Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath   4th to 18th September 2011
Kalighat Pata Chitra   11 August to 16 August 2011
The Taste of a Collector   21st July 6th August
Syncronicity By Seema Kohli at New York   22nd June to 11th Jully 2011
ART Bengaluru   17th - 25th JUNE 2011
KALA UTSAV   25th to 27th March 2011
The Madras Accent   18th - 30th November 2010
Illuminations by Vishal Joshi   September
Light and Shadow by Srividya G.S   7th - 14th July 2010
Attitude Becomes Form - Sophie Christopher   24th June - 3rd July 2010
Celebration of Buddha by K.S. Nagure   till 4th June 2010
Gallery Collection on view   17th April-7th May 2010
Theen Tamasha: Theen Taal   25th February - 10th March 2010
Call of Contours-Dhiraj Choudhury   17th-30th December 2010
Gallery Sale-Upto 35% off   2nd Jan-8th Jan 2010
The Earth dates the Sky by Anuradha Nalapat   15th - 26th December 2009
Solo show of paintings by Dhiren Sansmal. Curated by Akumal Ramachander   11th to 19th March 2010
Group show of paintings by Kim Kyoungae, Malavika Rajnarayan and Sonatina Mendes   25th February - 10th March 2010
'Call of Contours' Solo show by Dhiraj Choudhury   17th - 30 January 2010
The Expediency of Colour   17th-25th Nov., 26th Nov.-2nd Dec. 2009, at Venkatappa Gallery
Some Reflections on Urban Space by Rajib Bhattacharjee, Curated by Akumal Ramachander   5th to 15th October 2009
Accent on Faith   22nd - 30th October 2009
'Enigmatic Equations' a solo show of paintings by V.Hariraam   8th - 15th October 2009
Moment, Intercepted - Curated by Giridhar Khasnis   17th - 26th September 2009
Gregory Lent   4th-13th June 2009
Pallon Daruwala- Photography exhibition   6th- 14th August 2009.
Srividya Solo Show   7 May to 16 May 09
Splash of Watercolours   21st to 30th aug 08
A Solo show of Paintings by Pulak Ghosh   6th to 16th Nov 08
Solo Show by Miland Nayak   23rd Oct to 31st Oct 2008
Two Man Show   24 April to 2nd May 09
Elling Reitan - Reflections   20th Mar - 4th April 09
Dus Mahavidyas   17 Jan to 7th Feb 09
Solo show of paintings by Toby Barnes titled Prananime   18th to 30 dec 2008
Solo Show of Paintings by Chandana D   16th Oct 08 to 21st Oct 08
Solo Show of Painitngs by M S Murthy titled " SILENCE"   18th sept to 5th oct 08
A Solo Show of paintings by Subroto Mondal   11th to 18th aug 08
Group Show of Painings and Sclptures titled Structure and Mystic Space   26th june to 5th july 08