What kind of art does Gallery Time and Space (GTS) specialize in?
Gallery Time and Space sells Contemporary Indian Art with a classical basis. We have a collection comprising of both highly established artists and newcomers. Artworks include works on canvas and paper, prints, photographs.

What are the gallery working hours?
The gallery is open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m seven days a week. We are not open on public holidays.

What are the various ways one can purchase from GTS?
You can purchase art from GTS in any of the following ways:

  • Purchasing from the gallery’s physical locations at 55 Lavelle Road, Bangalore 560001.
  • By emailing an query about your requirements to timeandspace55@gmail.com
  • By calling the gallery and speaking to our director Renu George orsales representative Chander on 080-22124117

Can art purchased at GTS be delivered locally or shipped out-of-town?
Local delivery can be arranged with one of several delivery experts that we work with. Artworks shipped out-of-town are sent well packed and fully insured by ground or air-freight. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the purchaser.

Does GTS offer framing services?
Though we do not offer framing at GTS, we can recommend local retail framers.

Does the website include all the works available in GTS’s inventory?
We strive to include a wide range of selection of art from our inventory on the web site but every artwork is not available online. The website is updated for new selections periodically, you can sign up for our newsletter to receive updates.

How can I find out more information about a work displayed on the website?
If you have seen the work on display, please supply us with the reference number available under the artwork in the details section and we will provide you with the information.

How can I find out if you have a work by a particular artist in the collection?
There is a list of artists provided on the left hand side of the Gallery section of our website. If you require further information on a particular artist, please submit an enquiry by emailing us at timeandspace55@gmail.com

How can I keep up-to-date with events at GTS?
You can keep up to date with the events and happenings at GTS by subscribing to our newsletter from our website.

What exhibitions are currently showing at GTS?
Visit the "Exhibitions" section on our website for details of present, future and past exhibitions.

How long will my artwork take to arrive?
When a delivery is to be made within Bangalore, we take 1-2 working days, from the date of full payment of the artwork. In case the delivery is outside Bangalore and within India, it would take approximately 14 working days from the time that we receive payment for the artwork. In case of delivery to another country, the clientwould need to first contact the gallery to make a purchase and the gallery will notify the client then as to the final price of the artwork including shipping and handling charges, as well as the estimated delivery time.

What if my artwork doesn't arrive?
In case of all artworks that GTS ships, there is a tracking number to each shipment which is shared with the client. They can track their shipment online at www.bluedart.com

If you have any other query that is not answered here, please email timeandspace55@gmail.comand we will get back to you.